Build a Fun, Profitable and Rewarding Real Estate Investing Business while building long & Meaningful Relationships.


Newbie or Seasoned investors. Find Investment Properties. Build your team. Get represented by Top agents. Get more offers accepted. Joint ventures and mastermind opportunities .


Grow your Commission-Based Business by working harmoniously with Investors on rehabs / and long term investments. Collaborate & manage projects all in the platform.


Whether you're a hard money lender, escrow agent, contractor, wholesaler, property manager or have any real estate service, this is the place to join groups, add value & start working together.

The all-in-one Community and Workplace platform for
Real Estate Enthusiasts.

See what makes our community platform different:

We are a community of like-minded individuals, Real Estate Professionals coming together on a single platform to create opportunities, Network, solve problems, share ideas, collaborate on projects, harness and unleash the collective genius of the community to achieve our Real Estate Goals whether that means buying your first investment property, expanding your current portfolio, or simply learning about real estate investing …

Summary of
What you'll get inside:

We’re  proud to provide the following resources and more to members; All contained  Within One Easy-To-Navigate Members Area…  

Private Community

A private, moderated forum to discuss all Real Estate matters. Just serious entrepreneurs looking to share their insights, learn, and support each other.

Market Trends

Real estate experts are available to report on the state of the local real estate market, so you can make smart real estate decisions and stay one step ahead of your competition!


Have direct access to our exclusive Real Estate Tools and Resources whether you're buying, selling or investing. Quickly analyze deals, Get property value, Rental Rates ...


Private members-only live workshops where we teach new methods, strategies and techniques that are working right NOW... and that you can immediately implement at every stage of your business.

Mastermind groups

Get matched-up in a group of people that have complementary goals and experience. Create a private meeting, Collaborate on Projects , securely exchange documents, and more.

Property Listings

Our Top-notch agents and wholesalers are marketing their OFF-MARKET homes, giving you the opportunity to find potential investment properties and make Real Time Offers.


Get exclusive discounts from preferred vendors. Competitive rates from lenders, general Contractors, and other professionals. Take advantage of any incentives offered within the platform.

Exclusive Directory

You are one phone call away to solve any Real Estate problems with proven, reliable professionals with excellent tracking records. right in your backyard. Move with confidence.


Have access to a series of videos Training with step-by-step instructions that will bring you the most benefit based on what you are trying to achieve in your investing business...


What is a Real Estate Dragon Slayer? 

Dragon Slayers are game-changers, Visionaries, leaders, smart, strong, resourceful , bold & badass.

Our #1 Priority as a Real Estate Dragon Slayer is to Achieve Financial Freedom & Autonomy while building long & Meaningful Relationships.

Being a Part of the Dragon Slayers Community is a serious challenge. Think of it as  Navy Seal training for Money and Health. We push each  other on a daily basis  to become stronger mentally, physically and Financially. As you go , your mental, physical and financial strength will compound with each passing month, and before too long you’ll be in the glorious position of Freedom & Autonomy

We hope to see you in the members area!

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